Stance Nation Nisei Showoff 2015 Coverage

Stance Nation Nisei Showoff 2015

I hadn’t been to a Nisei show in a long time, and things have definitely changed since then. The show was held in a parking garage this year, and unfortunately it took place on one of the hottest weekends in recent memory. The heat was unbearable in the lower levels of the garage, and it was hard to even be down there for a few minutes to take pictures, so the Stance Nation Nisei Showoff 2015 Coverage isn’t as complete as I would have liked it to be. The lighting was also really bad in some areas, which didn’t help either… Continue reading

Targa Trophy Los Angeles 2015 Euro vs. JDM Coverage

Targa Trophy LA 2015

Targa Trophy Los Angeles 2015 began bright and early on Saturday morning at the Eibach facility in Corona, CA. The parking lot quickly filled with various makes and models of exotic and specialty sports cars. Targa Trophy is a rally of sorts, where the participants must make stops at various unknown checkpoints (they are given the locations right as the rally begins) as they make their way to their final destination. On this day, the participants’ final destination was downtown Los Angeles… Continue reading

10th Annual Norm Reeves Honda Car Show Coverage Part 1

Norm Reeves Honda Car Show

The 10th Annual Norm Reeves Honda Car Show took place this past weekend in Cerritos, CA. It’s been a while since I have attended this show, but it still has the same feel as it did 10 years ago. It’s a low-key event, but the turnout is always good. Spoon Sports USA brought their army of cars to an event for the 2nd time in as many months, and you never get tired of seeing those cars. Their NSX is always a sight to see, as is the SSA x Autofashion Rocket Bunny NSX, and Michael Mao’s newly remodeled twin-turbo NSX. I’m going to share this coverage in two parts because for one, I took a lot of pictures, and secondly, I want spend a little more time adding some commentary to these event coverage articles. With that said, here is part one… Continue reading

Masaki’s EG6 SiR2 and Takeru’s Civic Mugen Type RR

Honda Civic Mugen Type RR

Takeru’s Mugen Double R

Takeru Tojo has been a friend of NWP4LIFE for a long time. He had a USDM Honda Element in Japan, prior to owning the rare Honda Civic Mugen Type RR (double R), and is part of the Japanese car crew L2p. He recently went out with fellow L2P member Masaki Fukada to do some touge driving, and to snap some pics. He was kind enough to send these over for us to share… Continue reading

Wekfest LA 2015 Coverage

Wekfest LA 2015

Issac inspecting his bay for dirt.

Another successful Wekfest event is in the books. They always do a great job ensuring there is a balance of all makes and models of cars. There were so many awesome non-Hondas, I couldn’t help but share some of those as well. Check out all of our Wekfest LA 2015 coverage here… Continue reading

HondaFest 2015 Europe Coverage

HondaFest 2015 Europe

TrafficPort Venlo

There was more than just the Eibach Meet going on in the Honda world this past weekend. Europe’s biggest Honda event, HondaFest 2015, was also taking place in Venlo, Netherlands. This event has a lot more to offer than your average car meet. It’s full of exciting challenges and skills competitions, including an Ultra Racing Handling Course, and an EBC Brakes Kickdown Competition. NWP4LIFE user Manlong (MLN) took home first place in the kickdown competition. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this event,it’s a test of both speed and braking ability, where participants must accelerate as fast as they can to a marked area, and then brake precisely in a designated area without crossing the line. It’s a lot harder than it sounds… Continue reading

Eibach Honda Meet 2015 Coverage

Eibach Honda Meet 2015

Dustin’s Jasper Green DA9.

It’s been too long since we’ve covered an Eibach Meet, so it was awesome to get out there today and take some photos, and catch up with some old faces. Eibach Honda Meet 2015 featured a lot of big-name vendors, in addition to the hundreds of non-vendor participants.¬†Spoon Sports USA had a fleet of their cars on display, including their NSX and the Civic Type R that won Global Time Attack. Loi Spec Garage was stationed at the Eibach booth, which had several other awesome cars out front. ICB Motorsports had a strong presence in the vendor area, as did Falken Tires. There are many others who I am leaving out, so check out the pictures below for our complete Eibach Honda Meet 2015 coverage… Continue reading