HondaFest 2015 Europe Coverage

HondaFest 2015 Europe

TrafficPort Venlo

There was more than just the Eibach Meet going on in the Honda world this past weekend. Europe’s biggest Honda event, HondaFest 2015, was also taking place in Venlo, Netherlands. This event has a lot more to offer than your average car meet. It’s full of exciting challenges and skills competitions, including an Ultra Racing Handling Course, and an EBC Brakes Kickdown Competition. NWP4LIFE user Manlong (MLN) took home first place in the kickdown competition. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this event,it’s a test of both speed and braking ability, where participants must accelerate as fast as they can to a marked area, and then brake precisely in a designated area without crossing the line. It’s a lot harder than it sounds… Continue reading