10th Annual Norm Reeves Honda Car Show Coverage Part 1

Norm Reeves Honda Car Show

The 10th Annual Norm Reeves Honda Car Show took place this past weekend in Cerritos, CA. It’s been a while since I have attended this show, but it still has the same feel as it did 10 years ago. It’s a low-key event, but the turnout is always good. Spoon Sports USA brought their army of cars to an event for the 2nd time in as many months, and you never get tired of seeing those cars. Their NSX is always a sight to see, as is the SSA x Autofashion Rocket Bunny NSX, and Michael Mao’s newly remodeled twin-turbo NSX. I’m going to share this coverage in two parts because for one, I took a lot of pictures, and secondly, I want spend a little more time adding some commentary to these event coverage articles. With that said, here is part one… Continue reading